10th International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis Topics Some of the general themes that will be covered at IMA-2017 include current trends and developments in: Spectrochemical and Electrochemical analysis Chromatographic, Mass Spectrometric and Microscopic analysis Thermal analysis Proteomics, Metabolomics, Metallomics and Elemental Speciation analysis Chemical- and bio- sensors Field analysis - Mobile analytical instruments Miniaturized analytical systems (Lab-on-a-Chip) Micro- and Nano- fluidics Immunoassays Electrophoretic separation techniques Sampling techniques and strategies Sample handling and preparation Robotics and Automation Quality control-quality assurance in analysis Metrology Environmental, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Materials Analysis (Nanomaterials, Smart/Advanced Materials) Archaeometry Analytical chemistry markets and possibilities for commercialization 10th International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis - IMA 2017 17-21 September 2017, Heraklion, Greece Modern Trends and Applications