10th International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis Presentation guidelines Oral communications Presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint format (.ppt file) or Adobe  Acrobat Reader format (.pdf file). The file should be electronically handed by the  speaker to the Registration Desk at least one session before his/her presentation. The presenting authors should plan on a 17 min talk followed by 3 min for  questions and discussion. Projector and PC devices will be available in the Conference Room.  Keynote presentations are planned on a 35 min long presentation followed by 5  min of questions and discussion. Poster presentations The presenting authors should hang their posters in the morning of their  presentation and remove them at the end of the poster session. All posters are required to conform to portrait orientation. Failure to follow this  requirement will mean that the poster will NOT FIT on the allotted board.  Dimensions of the posters: 1 m width x 1.2 m height. Please make sure to use  enough large fonts so that the posters can be easily read from a distance of  about 1 m. Design the poster to convey a clear message. If this is not obvious to the reader  after reading the introduction, the message is not clear and the reader will move  on to an alternative poster, which provides the correct impact. Avoid overload -  too much information seriously detracts from the overall impact. 10th International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis - IMA 2017 17-21 September 2017, Heraklion, Greece Modern Trends and Applications