10th International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis Organizing Committee Chairpersons Pergantis S.A. Prof., University of Crete (Chair) Ochsenkühn-Petropoulou M., Prof., NTUA (Chair) Members Anglos D. Prof., University of Crete & FORTH Chaniotakis N., Prof., University of Crete Detsi A. Assist. Prof., NTUA Kanakidou M., Prof., University of Crete Krokida M., Assoc. Prof., NTUA Loizidou M. Prof., NTUA Lydakis-Simantiris N. Assoc. Prof., University of Crete Mihalopoulos N. Prof., University of Crete & National Observatory of Athens Ochsenkühn K.-M. Dr., NTUA Pappa A., Prof., NTUA Spyros A., Assist. Prof., University of Crete Stephanou, E., Prof., The Cyprus Institute and Univ. of Crete Tsapakis M., Dr., Hellenic Centre of Marine Research Tsopelas F. Lecturer, NTUA Technical Support Committee Lymperopoulou Th. Dr., NTUA Tsakanika L.-A. Dr., NTUA Simeonidis K. Dr., TEI Eastern Macedonia Stergiopoulos Ch. PhD Student, NTUA Mavrakis E., Univ. of Crete Mavroudakis L., Univ. of Crete 10th International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis - IMA 2017 17-21 September 2017, Heraklion, Greece Modern Trends and Applications